Hypnosis For Anxiety

Anxiety is completely and utterly shit, isn’t it?

And if you’re struggling with panic, anxiety or stress, you’re not alone.

Study after study shows that we’re getting more stressed and anxious about our lives – whether it’s work, relationships or money – and we’re getting sicker because of it.

Panic, anxiety and stress are pretty bad news.

They can range from a vague feeling of discomfort right through to horrific panic attacks that send you to the hospital because your heart is beating so fast…only to be told there’s “nothing wrong” and “it’s just a panic attack”.

Leaving you feeling even more worried and alone.

Because, clearly, something is wrong, but no one seems to understand.

If you find yourself regularly struggling with anxiety and panic, you might also find yourself feeling guilty, or ashamed, that you’re not “coping”.

That somehow, it’s all your fault.

You might even find yourself having panic attacks about the prospect of having a panic attack.

Cropped shot of an unrecognizable teenage girl drinking medication

There’s lots of solutions
for anxiety

You might have been tried some of them.
You might have taken up exercise.
You might have tried talking therapy like counselling or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).
You might have visited your doctor and been prescribed medications.
You might have tried different diets or supplements.
You might just have tried avoiding all the things that made you feel anxious.

And if that’s worked for you, that’s brilliant!

Some people have great success with these solutions.
They find their anxiety is no longer a problem.
But, if you’re still reading, chances are none of these have worked for you.
Or they’ve not worked quite well enough.
And that’s this is where hypnosis comes in.

Hypnosis is different

My name’s Vic and I’m a hypnotist.

And as a hypnotist, I don’t believe your problem is a conscious problem.
Because if it was a conscious problem, you’d have stopped doing it.
You’d have “snapped out it”, “got over it”, reasoned your way out of it.
I believe your problem is an unconscious problem.
It’s inside you – but completely outside your control.
It’s in your unconscious mind.

Using hypnosis, we can skip dealing with your conscious mind, that has failed to solve your problems.

Instead, we’ll deal directly with your unconscious mind to find the problem and let it go.
Creating a positive, lasting difference.
A difference that can make all the difference.
So that you can start a brand new chapter, in your brand new life.

Ready to say goodbye to your anxiety?

I offer a free twenty minute consultation so you can see how hypnosis is different – and how it can help you get your life back on track.

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