Hypnosis for Children

Life can be hard for kids.

Your child is awesome.

But just like you, they can get stressed, or anxious or worried.

There can be issues with school – whether that’s transitioning to “big school”, worries about speaking up in class, separation anxiety or exam fears.

There can be issues with peer pressure – combined with social media – that can affect your child’s self-confident and self-belief

And there can be family issues – death, separation, divorce, remarriage, or maybe a new sibling.

It can be pretty stressful being a kid.

And sometimes that stress or anxiety or worry can cause your child to stop enjoying their life.

You might notice they’re more tearful, more withdrawn, maybe more upset or angry.

That they’re just not having fun any more.

At State 11 Hypnosis, I use hypnosis to help your child get back to being able to be a child again.
Hypnosis for Children

How hypnosis can
help your child.

Hypnosis is all about imagination.
And children are great at imagination.

It can be a little uncomfortable for a child, at times, during hypnosis.

Just like I’d ask an adult to “feel” a negative emotion or remember an unpleasant event, so that I can help them release it…I might need to do the same with your child.

It’s called “spiking” the emotion.

And it’s necessary, because if your child can feel the emotion, I can help them let it go.

I can help them imagine it leaving their body and never coming back.

And I’ll teach your child techniques to build their self-reliance, too.

Techniques that they can use if there is something that makes them anxious or stressed.

Techniques like the Emotional Freedom Technique (sometimes called EFT or Tapping).

Techniques like “anchoring”, where your child can press a point on their hand or their ear, and feel like they did on a really good holiday or when they did something awesome.

And – where appropriate – I’ll teach you techniques that you can use with your child between sessions, to strengthen the changes we’ve made.

Hypnosis is magic mind stuff for kids.

Why choose me?

I don’t want you to choose me.
I want your child to choose me.

Because if your child isn’t comfortable talking to me, then I’m not the hypnotist or hypnotherapist for them.

That’s why I offer a free twenty minute session in person where you and your child can come and meet me.

I’m afraid I’ll probably ignore you most of the time.

Because the purpose of the session is to see if your child will engage with me.

And if they do…

And if I believe I can help them…

Then we’ll talk about what happens next.

Because it’s all about your child. And helping them get back to being a child again.

Please rest assured that I don’t swear in child’s sessions.
Although I have agreed with a young client that the ghost in their bedroom was a poop-head.

Book your child’s free in person consultation today.

I offer a free twenty minute consultation for you and your child, so we can see if I’m the hypnotherapist for them.

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