Hypnosis for
Phobias And Fears

Fears & phobias really fuck things up

Sometimes, they don’t just fuck things up for you, they can fuck things up for everyone else.
If you’ve got a fear of flying, taking that romantic holiday abroad becomes a lot more difficult.

And if you’ve got a phobia of flying, it becomes almost impossible. You might not even be able to get into the airport without having a melt down.

And while everyone knows about flying fears and phobias, there’s a huge variety of phobias that can affect people’s lives.

If you have a fear or phobia of injections (trypanophobia), the nurse telling you that “it’s just a sharp scratch” is meaningless, and it might even stop you getting the right medical help

Some people will struggle for years with dental pain, rather than deal with their odontophobia (fear or phobia of dentists).

And if your fear or phobia is left untreated – it can start to spread. The fear of flying can become fear of all kinds of travel, meaning that you never get to travel and see the world.

The vague worry about getting into a lift can become a phobia of being in a confined space, which might lead to you not being able to use a changing room in a shop, or have a vital MRI scan.


Can you really “cure”
a phobia?

If you have a phobia, or a deep rooted fear, chances are friends and family will have made lots of “helpful” suggestion.

You might have been tried some of them.

You might have tried taking sedatives. They work for some, but others just find that themselves tired and frightened – and therefore even less able to control their fear.

You might have tried exposure therapy – forcing yourself to do the thing you’re scared so that when everything turns out to be ok, you’ll not be scared any more. And this can work – if you don’t have a meltdown.

You might have tried talking therapy like counselling or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

You might have visited your doctor and been prescribed medications.

You might have tried “freedom” courses, to help you understand how planes work and that they’re safe to get on. They’re terrifically expensive, and involve a whole group of terrified flyers getting on a plane…but they can work, right up until the next plane crash is reported on the TV.

If the “phobia cures” that have worked for others haven’t worked for you – you can end up feeling even more alone, ashamed and traumatised.
And if you’re still reading, chances are that this is what has happened to you.
And that’s this is where hypnosis comes in.

How hypnosis can help you.

I’m a hypnotist and when it comes to fears and phobias, I believe “the issue is never the issue”.
Your fear of dentists probably isn’t really about Mr Smith the dentist and the time you had to have a tooth out.

Your fear of spiders isn’t really about how one fell on you when you were little.

Your fear of flying isn’t really that you’re scared the wings will fall off.

I’m not saying that your fear or phobia isn’t real. It’s very real. It’s just not a conscious, logical fear.

You know the dentist isn’t going to hurt that much.

You know the spider is more scared of you that you are of it.

You know that you’re more likely to die by being kicked to death by a donkey than die in a plane crash.

If your fear was a logical fear, in your conscious mind, you could argue it away, talk it away, calculate the odds until it vanished.

ut you can’t. Because it’s not a logical, conscious fear. It’s in your unconscious mind.

And using hypnosis, together, we can help your unconscious mind realise it’s safe to let go of the fear.

Using hypnosis, we can bypass your conscious mind, that hasn’t managed to rid you of the fear, and get straight to the root of the issue in your unconscious mind.

And when your unconscious mind has let go, your conscious mind can too.

So you can start a new life, free of your fears and phobias.

Free to do what you want to do, without fear holding you back.

Now is the time to deal with your fear.

I offer a free twenty minute consultation so you can see how hypnosis is different – and how it can help you get your life back on track.

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