Hypnosis And
Relationship Issues

Relationships can be damn hard work, right?

We have a lot of different types of relationships in our lives.
Family, friends, work colleagues and partners, whether that’s a casual fling, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a husband or a wife.

And they all come with their own challenges.

It’s virtually impossible to find a family that doesn’t have some kind of dysfunction or feud bubbling away.

And although your friends mean the world to you, you probably don’t have to look back to remember the really weird friendship that just went wrong somehow.

Chances are there’s at least one person at work that you really can’t stand to be around, even though you’re a nice person really, and it’s all their fault.

And then there’s intimate relationships – which can go spectacularly wrong in some truly awful ways.

When we get involved in a relationship that goes wrong, it’s easy to blame the other person.

And sometimes, it will be their fault.
If Cousin Sam hadn’t called you a bitch on Facebook, you’d probably still be talking now.

If Jayne hadn’t swiped that business account from you, making you miss out on that commission, you’d be nicer to her.

If that muppet you were sent on a blind date with hadn’t spent all evening eyeing up the bar staff, you might have met them again.

If your partner hadn’t put you down all the time, you could have stayed together.

But is every relationship that’s gone wrong someone else’s fault? Really?

Relationships can bring up trust, jealousy and abandonment issues.

If most of your friends have just sponged off you, you might find yourself being wary of making new friends, just in case the same thing happens again.

Issues from the past can affect our present and future relationships – if your last long term partner was a cheating sack of shit, it can be hard, no matter how nice your current partner is, not to want to go through their text messages.

If most of your friends seem to end up just taking advantage of you, you might find yourself rudely rejecting someone else’s attempts at friendship, even if they’ve never asked you for anything.

Perhaps you’re always on the losing end of a relationship, finding yourself abandoned, and that can have a devastating effect too.

Maybe it means you’ll never say what you think, or always agree with the other person so there isn’t an argument. Maybe you spend lots of money trying to buy the other person’s affection or time.

Bad relationships can easily become a bad habit that affect every aspect of your behaviour.

How to have successful relationships

There are so many suggestions about how to have successful relationships with people.

Books, magazines, tv shows, family and friends (the ones you get on with) will all have suggestions too.

You might have been tried some of them.

You might have tried not answering text messages straight away – or answering a bit sooner.

You might have tried being “unavailable” so that you have “an air of mystery”.

Maybe you’ve tried quizzes to see how much alike you are

Perhaps you’ve tried a psychic or palm reader, “only for a laugh”, not because you believe in it – or at least, not in a way that you’d admit to.

Perhaps you’ve tried counselling or therapy, either together or separately.

Maybe you’ve decided that you have a “date night” once a week….which has become once a month because your mum can’t babysit that much, and is rapidly becoming every six months because there’s just too much other stuff to do.

And if that’s worked for you, that’s fantastic!
Some people have great success with these solutions.

The problematic relationship becomes easier, the issues from the past fade away, and everything is great.

But, if you’re still reading, chances are none of these have worked for you.

Or they’ve not worked quite well enough.

And that’s this is where hypnosis comes in.

Hypnosis and relationships

My name’s Vic and I’m a hypnotist and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner.
I’m not a couples counsellor or a relationships coach. Although there’s plenty of those out there.

Problems with relationships are often rooted in the past, and worsened by misunderstanding.

Is your partner really a moody silent swine…or are they just an Audio Digital personality type, and simply don’t talk that much, not because they’re being moody, but because they simply have internal dialogue that you can’t hear?

Are you really a disappointment to your mum, or is it that she just can’t communicate very well? And why can’t you just let go of what she thinks, anyway?

Hypnosis – or hypnotherapy – can help redefine our relationships with the past, and with other people.

Hypnosis can help you live more in the present, so that you’re not trying to navigate the future by just looking in the rear view mirror.

Because these relationship issues – the doubt, the fear, the jealous, the lack of trust, are all coming from your unconscious mind.

If they were coming from your conscious mind, you’d have been able to calmly and logically think your way through them.

You wouldn’t find yourself feeling like a rejected child when your mum was off.

You wouldn’t wonder anxiously about what might be wrong when your partner simply sat quietly for a bit.

You wouldn’t believe you didn’t deserve better, or that “no one else would want you”.

Hypnosis can help you leave all that in the past by dealing with your unconscious mind.

Using hypnosis, we can skip dealing with your conscious mind, that is just making things worse.

Instead, we’ll deal directly with your unconscious mind to find the problem and let it go.

Creating a positive, lasting difference.

A difference that can make all the difference.

So that you can look forward to healthy, valuable relationships, in whatever area of your life you need them.

It’s time to change up your relationships.

I offer a free twenty minute consultation so you can see how hypnosis is different – and how it can help you get your life back on track.

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