Hypnotherapy For
Smoking Cessation

Stop smoking with hypnosis and hypnotherapy

We all know that smoking is a very dangerous habit.
Yet lots of people still smoke, no matter what the cost is.

I’ve seen people who spend over £300 a month on cigarettes, and would love to do other things with that money…but can’t seem to stop.

Imagine what you could do with that money. There’s so much you could do!

But it’s not just the financial cost.

It can be harder to be physically active if you smoke, meaning you can miss out on precious activities with the family.

It’s the guilt and the anxiety and the health scares.

Like, is that long lasting cough really just a cough…or is it something worse?

Yet here you are, holding onto the little white stick, wishing you could put it down, put it out, once and for all.

Or may it’s the aesthetics.

Maybe you hate the smell…the way it clings to your clothes and your hair.

Maybe it’s the way your fingers and teeth are yellow.

Or maybe it’s just the awful feeling of simply not being in control of yourself…because you just have to have that cigarette.

How to stop smoking without hypnosis

When you want to give up smoking, everyone has advice about what to do.

You’ve probably tried some of them.

There’s the “just cut down” technique, which is great until you end up stressed out and go through a whole packet in a couple of hours.

There’s the “switch to vaping!” method. That’s a bit “cooler” because now you smell like doughnuts or mint or chocolate or whatever scented vape you have…but you’re still puffing away outside, and spending money on a smelly habit that you can’t seem to kick.

You could try “doing something else with your hands” – but all the fidget toys in the world won’t take away that craving. And you really don’t need another damn scarf!

Perhaps you’ve tried nicotine patches, or gum, because that’s meant to turn the craving into a mental one that you can control. So if it’s all just in your head, how come you feel the craving physically?

Maybe your family have staged an intervention. Your partner has told you of their fear of you dying of cancer, your children have drawn pictures that show you with cigarettes….and it’s made you cry, feel lousy, feel like a failure…so you’ve gone out for another fag.

Perhaps you’ve tried the “listen along” recordings where someone with a s-l-o-w voice tells you that you don’t need cigarettes any more. whilst you fall asleep. Yet first thing in the morning you’re reaching for the packet, so that was a waste of time and effort.

You might even have seen friends or family die of smoking related cancers….yet still not been able to stop smoking. And if that can’t stop you, what will?

Thats where hypnosis comes in.

Hypnosis and smoking

People tell me I’m mean to clients who come and see to stop smoking.

See, I don’t believe you’re addicted.

You’ve got really really good at doing something that is really really bad for you.

But you’re not addicted.

A true addict – whether it’s drugs or drink – will die without their drug.

You’re not going to die.

A true addict – whether it’s drugs or drink – will steal or rob or even kill for their addiction.

I’m guessing you’re not going to do that if you can’t get your 10 pack of B&H.

But if you could talk yourself into not smoking any more, you’d have done it already.

But you can’t, because the issue isn’t with your conscious mind.

It’s with your unconscious mind. That’s where your craving lives.

I’m a hypnotist, and it’s my job to help your unconscious mind resolve whatever issues has that leads you to the cigarettes again and again.

So you don’t need them any more.

Perhaps so that when you just think about picking up a cigarette, you feel physically sick.

I’m a hypnotist and hypnosis can help you stop smoking.
If you actually want to.

Want to be a non-smoker?

I offer a free twenty minute consultation so you can learn how hypnosis can help you stop smoking…if you’re ready to stop!

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