Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Hypnosis for weight loss is really popular

Do you know how many results come back when you google “hypnosis for weight loss”?
It’s ridiculous. People want to know if hypnosis for weight loss works, how to do hypnosis for weight loss at home, where they can get hypnotherapy for weight loss…

But it’s hardly surprising. Because fat people – or regular-sized people who think they’re fat – are easy pickings.

More than ever before, if you’re fat, you’re made to feel lousy.

I don’t believe anyone should “feel bad”, in any way, about their size.

It’s your life, not anyone else’s.

Sure, there’s health risks – but chances are you know about those. It’s not like you could escape being told that you’re more likely to die younger from all kinds of things if you’re overweight.

Often, it’s the other problems that being overweight causes that can affect you the most.

Not being able to find clothes that fit properly.

Not being able to play with the kids like you want to.

Avoiding having your photo taken.

Being ashamed to be seen eating.

Feeling tired of being “the fat friend”.

And whilst we all want a partner who looks beyond the physical, and loves us whatever we look like – even dating can be hard when you’re fat.

Struggling with your weight can be a daily battle.

How to lose weight
without hypnosis

If you’re unhappy with your weight, there’s a dizzying array of diets to try.

There’s diets where you eat no food at all, and simply blend fruits and vegetables into a drink. It’s messy and expensive, but some people find it works, and if you have the money, you can pay to have little fancy bottles of the stuff shipped direct to you.

There’s the old favourites – the diet clubs with their “weekly weigh in”. You’ll know their names, because chances are your friends or family have gone to them at least once or twice. Weight Watchers, now trendily rebranded as “WW” is the biggie in the market, but Slimming World (where you’re allowed a certain number of “syns” a day) is increasing popular.

There’s the “just cut down a bit” diet that you do by yourself, where you can be “good” all week but then end up splurging on the weekend, washing it all down with wine or beer, before despairing how the “scales haven’t moved” since last week. But some people do manage to lose weight this way.

You can, of course, looking at changing your diet and upping your exercise – the old “calories in less than calories out” mantra. And that can be great for at least a week or three, until you get tired of the exercise, or there’s just no time to go to the gym, and it’s too cold to for a run outside, or some bastard shouts at you as they drive past you whilst you’re out running and it destroys your confidence. There are people who manage this, who track everything, and have iron willpower and self control, and post pictures of “before” and “after” on Facebook, looking fat and sad then ripped and gleeful.

And that’s before you start looking at surgery, where you can have your stomach tied in half so that you simply can’t eat as much. Although you can’t be too fat for the surgery.

But the scary thing is, even with all these options, science shows us that most dieters end up “putting the weight back on” within a couple of years. You know, that point where you’ve binned all your “fat” clothes and find yourself just left with skinny clothes that must have all shrunk in the wash cos now none of them fit you any more.

And it can seem like each time to try to lose weight, it’s harder than it was last time.

Hypnosis and weight loss

My name’s Vic and I’m a hypnotist.
Remember when you were a kid and you lost something?

Chances are, you had to try and find it.

That’s how kids work. If they have something, and then it gets lost or taken away, it’s the worst thing ever. Even if it’s something they don’t even want.

Little Bob might not like his toy car that much, but he’s sure as hell not letting someone else take it from him.

As a hypnotist and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner, I believe your unconscious mind is the same about weight loss.

Simply by trying to “lose” something, you’re setting yourself up for defeat.

Because your powerful unconscious mind doesn’t want to lose anything, ever.

It wants to keep it all. And that includes extra weight.

Sure you can try and “reason” your way into not eating cake, or biscuits, or cheese, or whatever your “downfall”, your “irresistible” food is – but if that worked long term, you wouldn’t have gone through so many diets, would you?

You wouldn’t be lying down on the bed trying to do your jeans up.

You wouldn’t be asking if that top makes you look fat.

You wouldn’t be upset when you step onto the scales.

As a hypnotist, I help my clients with weight management.

Maybe you’ve noticed already how much calmer “weight management” makes you feel, compared to the sense of disappointment or anxiety that you feel when you think about trying “weight loss” one more time.

I help my clients learn how to disassociate their emotions from their food – there’s no “good” food, that is a reward, there’s no “bad” food that makes you feel guilty and ashamed when you eat it.

I help my clients learn to eat mindfully, slower, really savouring their food, rather than wolfing it down and barely tasting it.

I help my clients break old patterns, and silence the little voice in their head – that was never theirs to begin with – that tells them they’re destined to be fat forever.

And when they’ve managed their weight to a place that’s comfortable and healthy, I help them deal with the emotional changes that can come from that, too.

Because suddenly not being “the fat one” can be a big change – and how you manage that change is important to ongoing successful management.

If that sounds like your kind of approach – if you’re tired of the diet and gorge cycle, then I can help you make those changes once and for all.

Please be aware that I won’t work with for weight management if your BMI is in the healthy range, although if you need help with other body image issues, I’m happy to help.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to think about food all the time?

I offer a free twenty minute consultation so you can see how hypnosis is different – and how it can help you get your life back on track.

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